Vatsalya's Learnig Triangle


Every Activity of Vatsalya is designed for Healthy and Emotional Development of the Child. Vatsalya Learning Triangle summarizes the Child's development by 3 main areas – Physical; Social and Cognitive.

Physical Development

  • Sensory – The fundamental senses of seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling encourages the Child's Curiosity.
  • Fine Motor Skills – Fine Motor Skills are those smaller actions between the thumb and fingers or using toes to wriggle and feel the objects.- Readiness to Writing.
  • Gross Motor Skills - Gross Motor Skills are larger movements involving the arm, leg, or feet or entire body.

Cognitive Development

  • Logical Intelligence – Logical training enables the child to make connections between pieces of information.
  • Creative Intelligence – Colours Shapes learning how to draw, getting familiar with music and rhythm, all goes to aid the growth of the Child's Creativity.
  • Linguistic Intelligence - Linguistic Intelligence is the ability to use sound and language for expression and comprehension of others

Social Development

  • Emotional – A Healthy child should be able to control and express his/her emotion and interact effectively with others with mutual trust
  • Communication Skill – Good communication skills lead a child to perform cooperative tasks and become productive team member
  • Self Esteem - Self Esteem is an overall sense of achievement a child feels. Tasks and activities help the child to build a strong Self Esteem with a good judgment about Self.